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About Varied / Hobbyist Tiffany/Trinh NguyenFemale/United States Group :iconsnow-project: Snow-Project
Game Developers~
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My art and stories~ Please look and comment! I need to draw more often ^^;

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deviation in storage by Hachiimi
deviation in storage by orichie
Stuff that I found awesome~


  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: X.U.
  • Reading: VN Scripts ;w;
  • Playing: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
*10/15/15 Update~ SoD script up to 16%! Also added summaries for several of them ><; and the number of endings.

*8/29/15 Update~ Steady progress on SoD's script~ Went up from 11%->13% ^^ okay maybe not that much but its pretty long so i think this is progress ><
ALSO totally unrelated but, I kind of want to do a collab with someone (just in the mood) >< I can either draw or color, I don't really mind but please keep in mind that I'm terrible at full bodies. So when I draw, it's going to be either chibi or busts (and maybe headshots idk). Anyone interested please just comment or send a note ^^

Current Progress

Spirit of Dreams (visual novel)
      Story: Rewrite #4 (Woooo~ ;n; At least it's the last one lol I hope so (╥﹏╥) )
Ever since she was young, Aria had strange dreams. They showed little snippets of her memories or another person’s memories. However, one day, she sees a dream where her father was murdered. After this, these dreams ceased and she continues to live her life with no worries.
Suddenly, on the day when her class receives transfer students, those dreams come back. They start showing a mysterious man searching for someone and her father’s memories.
Common: 16%
Ven: 0%
Ren: 0%
Kai: 0%
Zel: 0%
Kuro: 0%
Takumi: 0%
Normal End: 0%
# of Endings: 7 (no bad endings, only love -for guys- & normal end)
       Art: Formal Status = Unknown
Sprites: 0%
CG: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
GUI: 0% (Currently planning new GUI design)
Overall Programming: 2%

Autumn Empress (visual novel)
Thu Empire has a little secret that has only been kept in its castle. The workers inside the castle keep quiet that the Emperor is actually an Empress.
Aki, the current "Emperor," has been trying her best to rule the empire. However, she has gotten tired of the work and strives to find a replacement. After a few months of planning, she finally finds several candidates to replace her. She chooses one and starts to train him. But will they just be friends? Or will they be something more?
Common: 100% -> 0% (rewriting)
Clear: 85% -> 0% (currently rewriting former draft)
Kyoya: 0%
Rei: 0%
Itsuki: 0%
# of Endings: 8 (love & bad end for each character -maybe several short bad endings that don't add to the count-)
        Art: Formal Status = Unknown
Sprites: 0%
CG: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
GUI: 50% (Need to make save screen, load screen, and affection screen)
Overall Programming: 5%

Pokemon: Project Feather (RPG idea)
        Story (summary):
You start a new adventure in the region of Wing where flying type Pokémon are abundant. One day, your friends hear a strange rumor and you all investigate, only to find the region’s professor causing the problem. She then tells you to help her with her research, forcing you to be a Pokedex holder. From then on, you travel around Wing and get dragged into a more troubling task…
-New Region
-2 Starter Pokemon: Eevee and Absol
-1 rival only (though there are various NPCs you could battle after defeating the Elite Four & the player has 3 friends that will battle alongside you; the rival is the opposite gender protagonist)
-Unlike original Pokemon games, the player is not silent (I can't write characters like that, I'm so sorry)
-Pokemon Earphone (PokePhone) ~ the main communication device of Wing which is an earphone with a microphone and can show holograms in front of your eyes (used like the PokeNav and Pokegear)
-10 gyms (though only 8 are official and the other 2 are just training areas)
         Gym Types:
Fighting, Flying, Grass, Electric, Dark, Normal, Rock, Fairy
         Elite Four Types:
Ice, Fire, Dragon, Water
         Art: Currently designing characters
Sprites: 0% (will need pixel sprite artist and will utilize portraits in dialogue)
Maps: 0%
GUI: 0% (designing unique GUI)
Overall Programming: 0% (learning how to use RPG Maker XP)

Kitsune no Yomeiri (visual novel)
Today was the day of my sister’s wedding. However, after she said “I do,” I find myself transported to an alternate world where humans don’t exist. Treated as a plaything, I eventually find freedom when I’m bought by the prestigious family of the village. Yet, in order to keep it, I’m told to pick one of the “family” members to take as my husband…
Common: 0.2%
Sakuya: 0%
Tsukio: 0%
Izumi: 0%
Mao: 0%
Yuki: 0%
# of Endings: 5? (for now, still working things out)
         Art: Currently designing characters
Sprites: 0%
CG: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
GUI: 0%
Overall Programming: 0% (in the planning stage)

Unlimited (2 VNs that connect w/ each other; BL - I'm attempting to write something like this...)

Unlimited ~Arcane~
          Story: Hiroto Masamune joins the Tsuru army to support his family. Starting off as cold and too serious for his own good, Hiroto slowly changes as he spends time with his fellow teammates. However, a war breaks off and Hiroto finds himself stranded far from the battlefield with one of his teammates…
Common: 1%
Western Division
Luc of the West (Luc Amatsuki): 0%
Tobio: 0%
Yuichiro Mikage: 0%
Eastern Division
Luc of the East (Luc Amatsuki): 0%
Setsuna Yukihira: 0%
Riku Kagero: 0%
# of Endings: 6 (only love endings, based on a point system then it just goes to that character's route at a certain point)
         Art: Currently designing characters (decided base looks already though)
Sprites: 0%
CG: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
GUI: 50%
Overall Programming: 0% (planning stage)

Unlimited ~Prelude~ (prologue of sorts for Arcane.../learns about important supporting characters in Arcane)
Aoi Kamikaze, an upstanding knight in the Tsuru Kingdom, finds himself in a predicament with a knight of the same rank named Sei Ryuzuki. Constantly paired up with each other and receiving teasing from Sei, Aoi finds himself gaining feelings he doesn’t understand. One day, Sei suddenly does something unforgivable, leading to their relationship becoming dangerous and the sky darkening…
Common: 0.02%
End 1: 0%
End 2: 0%
# of Endings: 2 (just a variation of each other? or one of them is a "bad" end so the player has to change which choices were chosen to get the other)
           Art: Currently designing characters (same as above)
Sprites: 0%
CG: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
GUI: 50% (uses same GUI as above)
Overall Programming: 0% (planning stage)


sparkymail's Profile Picture
Tiffany/Trinh Nguyen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm an upcoming college student. I love to draw anime and random stuff. I also love to write stories. I am currently learning how to play the piano and violin. I currently have a hobby of singing~ If you would describe me, I am a little weird and wacky. Plus I rarely get angry unless something makes me rage like bad. I'm a shy person and won't really talk to people unless they talk to me. I'm known as sparkymail on YouTube also so please check out my channel sometime~ My favorites may be more interesting than my uploads though.

I am part of Snow Project, a little group that is trying to make games! XD I think I'm considered the founder. I make up the stories and ideas for the games. I also try to make the backgrounds~ My friend Akimi-Chan15 is the artist~ My friend Kyragirl67 is the proofreader and helper for the stories~

Spirit of Dreams (visual novel for girls)
Autumn Empress (visual novel for girls)
Resonating Echo (kinetic visual novel) <- solo project
Light to Darkness (kinetic VN or story) <- *possibly* solo project

Random Stuff I want to say~

My Nicknames~: Sparky, Miwa, Trinh or Kumiko (Kumi-chii)
My Powers (that I wish to have...): Magic (mostly of water and fire)
Be able to use any type of weapon (especially swords and anything related to it)

My Stories~

My FictionPress:…

Memory Series - Spirit Vampire --> Memoir
Light Series - Moonlight --> Dawn --> Sunrise

Chapter Stories:
Song of Radiance
Wars of Regret
Angel & Demon - Contract
Forbidden Wish
Stained Red
Bud of a Wildflower
Days of Promise
Broken Wings
Witch Princess of Sele
Fleeting Rain
The Cursed Goddess

One Shots:
Waves of Tears
Tears into Waves

My OC Couples~
Lucas x Hikari/Haruki x Lucia (My OTP forever~ X3)
Damion x Hinata/Hitori x Dianne
Theo x Tear
Kioku x Shiro (Shiro's a girl if you're wondering)
Atsuro x Lucas (lol crack pairing I find funny)
Shiki x Kumiko
Mitsuru x Mai
Keir x Lucia
Kyoya x Hikari (lol another crack pairing~)
Tatsuya x Ayumi
Brandon x Sefira Yukari x Kuro (not so sure of the 'official' couple yet ^^)
Shin x Mizuki
Sei x Aoi (The main charas of Unlimited ~Prelude~)
Aki x Nanashi x Riki (first threesome couple...? with Riki and Aki being rivals for Nanashi's affection lol - from my story Light to Darkness)

All couples with hearts are ones I like a lot!

Pokemon Shippings I support~
Lucas x Dawn (Fortuneshipping) :heart:
Lucas x Dawn x Barry (Scarfshipping)
Red x Yellow (Specialshipping) :heart:
Green x Blue (Oldrivalshipping) :heart:
Gold x Crystal (Mangaquestshipping) :heart:
Kate x Kellyn x Keith
Ruby x Sapphire (Franticshipping) :heart:
Solana x Lunick (Rangershipping) :heart:
Ash x Misty (Pokeshipping) :heart:
N x Touko/White/Hilda (Ferriswheelshipping) :heart:
Kyouhei x Mei (Visorshipping)
Hugh x Mei (Sequelshipping)
Curtis/Tetsu x Mei (LiveCasterShipping) :heart:

Rune Factory Couples I like~
Raguna x Mist :heart:
Kyle x Mana
Kyle x Yue
Micah x Shara
Nicolas x Cecilia :heart:
Micah x Sakuya
Frey x Lest :heart:
Azel x Sonia :heart:

Luminous Arc and Arc Rise Fantasia Couples I like~
Alph x Lucia
Refi x Eruru
L'Arc x Ryfia

Random Couples I like~
Yuri x Otonashi (Angel Beats!)
Hinata x Yui (Angel Beats!)
Tomoya x Nagisa (Clannad)
Liddell x Loue (A Witch's Tale)
Yuuya x Nagisa (Love-Berrish!)
Ginta x Snow/Koyuki (MAR)
Miyu x Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Tsubasa x Manabe (Arisa)
Maron x Chiaki (Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)
Finn x Access (Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)
Mitsuki x Takuto (Full Moon)
Meroko x Izumi (Full Moon)
Sakura x Oura (Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura)
Haine x Takanari (The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)
Maora x Maguri (The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)
Akito x Sana (Kodocha)
VY1 Mizki x VY2 Yuma (Vocaloid)
Rin x Len (Vocaloid)
Kaito x Meiko (Vocaloid)
Shaoran x Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Chronicle)
Naoki x Jun (Dance Dance Revolution)
Natsu x Lucy (Fairy Tail)
Natsume x Mikan (Alice Academy)
Karma x Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)
TsuruIchi (Touken Ranbu)

Anime/Game People I Love~
Serdic (Rondo of Swords)
Lucas (Pokemon DPP)
Hero (Devil Survivor)
Neku (The World Ends With You)
Azel (RF Oceans/Tides of Destiny)
Ciel (Black Butler)
Wolfram (Kyou Kara Maoh!)
Japan (Hetalia)
China (Hetalia)
Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Sana (Kodocha)
Chrono (Chrono Crusade)
Joshua (The World Ends With You)
Tohru (Fruits Basket)
Kagura (Gintama)
Yune (Ikoku Meiro no Croisee)
Ferris (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)
Minato (Persona 3)
Kitsune-san (Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori)
Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
Lucid Atray (Yukyu Gensokyoku 3: Perpetual Blue)
Mitsu (V.B. Rose)
Pretty much of the Fairy Tail cast XD
Hiroto (Kirarin Revolution)
Natsume (Alice Academy)
Leni (Under the Moon)
Curtis/Tetsu (Pokemon BW2)
Natsume (Natsume's Book of Friends)
Madara/Nyanko-sensei (Natsume's Book of Friends)
Li Kouyuu (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
Iwamine Shuu (Hatoful Boyfriend)
Hibiki Kuze/DS2 MC (Devil Survivor 2)
Yamato Hotsuin (Devil Survivor 2) *planning to cosplay
Shiki (Togainu no Chi) *planning to cosplay Fem! Shiki - military vers.
Akira (Togainu no Chi)
Karma (Assassination Classroom)
Ichigo Hitofuri (Touken Ranbu)
Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Touken Ranbu)

My Most Hated Things...
Pink Bunnies (They're EVIL!)

Stamps~ X3
Simple Silly Sai Stamp by PrinnyDance :: Evee Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-Chan ::Onion Head Stamp XD:: by Hayyie Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 SMT: Devil Survivor -Stamp- by Iwonn
Piano Stamp by JackdawStamps Stamp - Oresama Teacher 3 by Emiliers PERSONA 3 - Minato Stamp by AkuTenshi27 Junjou Romantica - Hiroki by Tatianasaphira
Tenma/Tetsu Stamp by pichu-berry X-CommonerShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3siste Kia Stamp by KumiKoalaStar
Talking to my OC - Stamp by Bootsii Shimeji Stamp by Fennikusu Ichinose Tokiya Stamp by Luxuriah Levi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi Kageyama Stamp by Janoneee

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